newest zine.

I finally brought myself to draw a cover for my latest zine project today. I started this project over a year ago ! 

I call it a zine of good things. I’ve had over 100 people submit lists of things that they are greatful for or make them feel good. I do these lists myself when I can, and try to train my brain to take pleasure in the awareness of even the smallest things. I try to find something “good” out of something “bad.” I let “bad” just be “bad” sometimes. I try to be proud of myself for doing something right, even if I mostly do it wrong. I try to encourage others to notice the good things in their everyday lives, too. 

I don’t intend for this project to seem reductionist or simplistic or naive. I don’t intend to eclipse or flatten or dismiss greater issues that different individuals face. I intend for this project to inpsire and spur on those who feel hopeless and heartache; those who may benefit by becoming more aware of the “good” amongst the “bad.” I am fully aware of the differences in everyone’s lives—I am merely suggesting an acknowledgment of what each of us already hold dear may result in more peace.

 What are you grateful for? What are you proud of? What made you smile today? 

a zine of good things—cover. 

a zine of good things—cover. 

Stay tuned for the final stages !