abstract expressionism.

a couple years ago my mom, who is also an artist, discovered Helen Frankenthaler and fell in love with abstract expression. she has since inspired the same love in me for this type of art. we visited the women of abstract expressionism exhibition together in palm springs, ca.

this month my brother, who is also an artist, moved to boston, ma. to pursue a degree in music at berklee college of music. while helping him move there, my mom was able to visit some of the wonderful museums. she spotted these works of art at the museum of fine arts, thereafter graciously sharing them with me. her comment: "they have a Helen :)" another comment: "and a Rothko room. see the overlap?" Frankenthaler has said to have been inspired by Mark Rothko. 

the first piece is by Frankenthaler.
the second is an earlier piece by Rothko.
the rest are all pieces in the Rothko room at the MFA.